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Biopulsar Reflexograph

What is it?

Biofeedback Imaging/Photography- The Biopulsar system is a biofeedback tool that gives concise data and objective interpretations of the bioenergetic information for 45 organs and body parts, the full body color electromagnetic field and seven major energy centers. Accessing the real time energetic information in a few different formats allows us to instantly analyze you on holistic level, not just physically but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as well.

This advanced energy medicine technology accurately identifies thousands of colors, giving it the maximum possible usefulness for detailed and exact biofield analysis. The Biopulsar is the first biofeedback imaging technology that can create full color bio-energy of the full human body electromagetic energy field utilizing the information from over 140 measuring stations. In turn, the system then displays the vitality of 45 body parts including eight brain parameters. Formats illustrated on screen include organ graphs, color analysis of the reflex zones, fully body biofield pictures and chakra analysis.

The Biopulsar system is a method which was developed using proven sciences and integrated with intricate calculations and formulas, tested with medical knowledge and intuitive and clairvoyant abilities.

Aura Readings & Chakra Analysis with our Biopulsar Reflexograph hand plate. Chakra Center WNY

Aura Readings & Chakra Analysis with our Biopulsar Reflexograph hand plate. Chakra Center WNY

Mind - Body - Spirit Chakra Center Aura Photography located in WNY Erie County



According to ancient Eastern healing science, the individual zones on the hand are connected not only with the body organs and the consciousness but also with color and the subtle energy centers.

Proven through various sciences of body language we know the organs posses consciousness and that they react to thought and emotions. This consciousness is stored in every cell of the body.

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What is an Aura?

Here's a simple standard definition of an aura: an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds people, animals, and things.  

The human aura is a field of subtle, luminous radiation surrounding us and extending outward from our physical form. Auras are related to the electromagnetic field of the body and serve as a visual measure of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual states. Everything that we do or think affects the aura so it is usually in a state of flux, ever changing, based on our mental meanderings, spiritual and physical health. The aura is also affected by the energies of the environment, the force fields of the planet and the radio frequencies that interpenetrate all forms of matter. The aura is an electronic signature of who we are.  

The Colors of a Human Aura

The colors of the aura may glow and radiate with joy and vitality as we maintain a state of bliss. Or the colors may become dull, contracted and stultified when we are gloomy, when we allow ourselves to be depressed, when we complain or see life as less than beautiful. The color of your aura is reflective of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Appreciation intensifies the aura as the heart emanates a pink and golden sun-like radiance. And at other times when we put ourselves down or enter into the deprecation of others, the size and radiance of our auras lessen. Holding images and concepts of ourselves and others as less than whole also impinges on our ability to send out auric fields of light energy.  

What has become known to many as; aura photography, aura imaging and aura readings is the best way to consistently measure and confirm changes in these subtle energies. Located in the Amherst, Williamsville and Buffalo New York areas, Chakra Center uses the most advanced biofeedback technology (Bio-Pulsar Reflexograph) to measure and report on your ever changing auric field. 

What is an Aura? Visit Chakra Center for a Aura Reading in WNY

What is an Aura? Visit Chakra Center for a Aura Reading in WNY